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Fuel the Soul

Merrick, South Shore, Long Island Yoga

Long Island's first & only Infrared Heated Exercise Studio

  • Yoga & Pilates and Infrared Hot Yoga & Pilates
  • Specialized Yoga (Prenatal, Mommy & Me, Kids)
  • GYROTONIC® Exercise method (private or tandem semi-private)
  • IntenSati high-energy, full-body cardio
  • Massage Therapy (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Amma Theraputic, Thai Yoga)
  • Far Infrared Sauna

Strengthen, lengthen, detox, lose weight, look and feel younger by burning up to 600 calories an hour in our state-of-the-art infrared-heated studio.

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News & Upcoming Workshops

It's that time of year again! We have been nominated for 2016 Best Of Long Island in 2 categories. 1) Best Massage Therapist, Lauren Fine 2) Best Yoga Studio, Fuel The Soul Thank you for voting in the past and making Fuel The Soul Long Island's "Best Yoga Studio" 2014 and 2015!!! Let's go for 2016


Michael Morphis from YOGA WORKS in NYC

Saturday November 14th 1-3pm

The Body/Mind Connection: How asana (yoga poses) and the alignment principles of Iyengar Yoga can help us build greater attention in our practice and our lives. Thousands of years before modern science began acknowledging the link between the body and the mind, Yogis were deeply involved in exploring this connection from the inside out. According to classical Yoga philosophy, all our great, hard work in our physical practice is leading us towards Samadhi, or a peaceful, blissful state of undistracted, unbroken awareness. While it's unlikely that we will realize full Samadhi during this one workshop, for raw beginners as well as seasoned practitioners, there is tremendous value in orienting our practice in this direction. Together, we will explore how using our innate attention and the clear, foundational directions that create solid and stable poses can lead to greater overall awareness on and off the mat. A thorough exploration of core actions in all the families of poses (standing, sitting, forward bends, backbends, twists, abdominal, arm balances and inversions) will help us out create a platform from which to investigate if a well organized pose can really be a platform from which the mind can open to new insights and possibilities. Hope you can join us for the journey. Saturday Nov 14th 1-3pm $40 pre reg $45 day of

Beginner Crochet Workshop

Sunday November 15th 12-2:15pm
Join Chrissy & Elaine of Shop Invaders for a beginner Crochet Workshop. Learn the basics to get you started to create a blanket or scarf. All materials provided and are yours to keep. We will also loosen you up with a light yoga stretch break in between stitches! We hope you join us for a fun and creative afternoon! $45 includes materials and workshop and of course you get to bring home your creation. SOLD OUT

Aromatherapy Restorative Workshop w/ Jamie Lee Henderson Sun Nov 15 3-5pm

Restorative yoga is essential to maintain balance in life, especially when living in our fast-paced environment. It is crucial that we find stillness and silence in order to give the body time to rest and for the mind to create space to unwind. Incorporating essential oils into a restorative yoga practice enhances the overall experience. The essential oils provide a grounding, calming and stress relieving property aiding in the release of built up tension and stress found in the body and mind. Using props for support such as bolsters, blankets and blocks to allow yourself to move into a state of simply being. While in these poses for an extended period of time to find that deep release in the muscles and connective tissues. This aromatherapy restorative workshop provides an open and safe space to let go of tension, pain, negative energy and to cultivate peace and balance. $40 pre register $45 the day of

Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Lani Rosen Fri-Sun Dec 4th, 5th and 6th
The 20 hour teacher training for teaching kids ages 2 - 11 years is geared towards teachers, parents, caregivers, OT's, PT's, yogis, and everyone who loves working with children. This training is interactive and comprehensive and will help to inspire you to bring out your inner yogini. This training incorporates music, stories, games & props in a fun and exciting way that will engage any child from toddler through 6th grade. Participants must have at least 1 year of yoga class experience DATES AND TIMES: Friday Dec 4th 6:30-9:30pm, Sat Dec 5th 10:30am -7:30pm, Sun Dec 6th 11:30am- 7:30pm
What we will cover:
* Hundreds of poses, breathing exercises, games & activities
* Relaxation & meditation techniques geared specifically towards children
* Dozens of ideas for use of props, music, books & storytelling in children's yoga classes, birthday parties and other events
* Dozens of partner & group poses
* How to create lesson plans and properly sequence classes
* How to improvise when needed (with kids, it often is!)
* How to develop your own classes that are fun, safe, effective and engaging for kids ages 2-11 years (pre-K to sixth grade)
* Child development as it relates to 2 to 11 year-olds
* How to develop different behavioral management techniques that support a loving, non-competitive environment
* An opportunity to practice teach
* How to teach with confidence
* observe and assist a real kids yoga class!
* What's next? Marketing your own kids classes Investment: $525 before Oct 10th $575 after

A Taste of TANTRA

Sunday December 13th from 12-2pm with Heather Simonson

Tantra is the art of living consciously on all levels, including sexually, and is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language meaning expansion through awareness or to weave. In this practice, sexual energy entwines the polarities of male and female into a harmonious whole, ultimately achieving balance within ourselves and with others, and enabling us to live juicy, blissful lives. Be empowered by integrating Tantra into your lifestyle, changing the quality of your sexuality and your overall wellbeing. Sexual energy is one of our most powerful energies for creating health, says Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Womens Bodies, Womens Wisdom. By using sexual energy consciously...we can tap into a true source of youth and vitality. Not only can your sexual life become greatly enhanced, but your communication becomes more natural & honest and in return your relationships become more connected and your lives enriched. The ancient practice of Tantra shows us how to open our hearts, our emotions and our sexuality. To achieve this enlightened outlook participants will learn the basic philosophies of Tantra and how to apply them in all aspects of their life. Participants will experience a series of exercises in breathing, yoga, and tone vibrations, as well as the engagement of special muscles and the magic of massage. Concentration on the energy centers of the body will help clear blocks that inter- fere with the movement of energy and create a path to higher states of consciousness and bliss. In this introduction to Tantra, participants will: Awaken the chakras using yoga and internal muscle exercises Develop a deeper understanding of true intimacy Empower yourself to transform sex and love into the art of conscious loving Improve communication and trust Learn how to create a sacred space through engaging the six senses Activate, guide and exchange your life force energy through the basics of breath Learn to give the most sacred massage with erotic touching Harmonize your moods and energies Enjoy the secrets to a longer, deeper and higher orgasm Heal from past hurts Both couples and singles are very welcome. Participants will be encouraged to pair up with a partner to practice techniques that are taught. So bring a friend or lover that you want to strengthen your connection with to this safe and respectful space. There is no disrobing or explicit sexual behavior. There are some exercises which involve touching the arm or back of a practice partner and eye gazing. No previous yoga or tantra experience necessary.

Join us EVERY Monday for Mediation with Mark Chabus @ 7:30pm

Kids Yoga with Miss Tara every Monday at 4:15pm for ages 5-9

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